School Community

At St Peter’s Catholic Primary School we believe in and value a working partnership with staff, families and children. Communication between home and school is the key to ensuring ongoing, effective partnerships for learning. It is vital that staff and families share, understand, and effectively communicate a common language that supports our students’ learning journey.

Our families and community are encouraged to participate in the many experiences we offer.

At St Peter’s we do this by:

  • Liturgical Celebrations and Class Masses
  • Sacramental Program/Workshop Evenings
  • Community Conversations about Learning
  • Family Curriculum Evenings
  • Celebration of Learning
  • Three Way Learning Conversations (Parent/Student/Class Teacher)
  • Curriculum Information Sessions
  • Assemblies
  • Twilight Sports Carnival
  • Excursions/Incursions
  • Social Events (Mother’s Day Breakfast, Father’s Day Breakfast, Family Twilight Picnic)
  • Family Activity Days