School Advisory Council

Working Together In Mission

"A Catholic school is eucharistic in character. The sacramental and prayer life of the local Church, especially in the gathering of God’s People in Sunday Mass, is integral to the mission of a Catholic school and indispensable to its richness. A fruitful sign of the living witness of faith with parents and parishes is the participation of students and families in the life, mission and work of the local faith community, especially in the call to worship God and to serve the poor and marginalised" (Acts 2: 42-47).

In serving the community of St. Peter's Catholic Primary School, parents and parishioners are invited to join our School Advisory Council. Through this collaboration, we believe that "Catholic school communities build relationships between parish and school, between school and home, between parent, teacher and student, between learning and living, focussed on formation, learning and wellbeing outcomes for all children" (CEM 2020, p.10).