A Positive Approach to Managing Student Behaviour

At St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, each person’s self-worth, dignity and potential is of fundamental importance.


The school has created structures that offer support to all members of the community in their varying needs. The spirit of the school is reflected in the relationships of trust, co-operation, forgiveness and partnerships between all members of the school and parish community.

It is therefore vital that the students’ discipline and acceptance of responsibility are fostered. This is done so through the implementation of our positive approach to managing student behaviour, incorporating rights, responsibilities, school rules, consequences and positive reinforcement which will ensure that order is established and maintained in our school community.

The following rights have been identified as important for creating a positive learning community:

  1. Follow Directions

  2. Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself

  3. Listen to the Speaker

  4. Speak Appropriately

  5. Treat Property with Care

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