School Fees and Levies

Fees are determined by the Parish Priest, School Principal and School Accountant. They are reviewed annually. Accounts are sent out at the start of each term.

School fees for 2019 are as follows - $1125.00 per family per year.

The fee may be paid at the beginning of the year or can be in three payments of $375.00 payable by the following dates or arranged with the Principal –


22nd February - $375.00

53rd May - $375.00

2nd August - $375.00


School Levies - $385.00 per child (due January, 2019)


Other Levies for 2019

Outdoor Education Levy

Prep – free

Year 1/2 $50.00 (extended day)

Year 3/4 $150.00 (2 days/1 night)

Year 5/6 $250 (3days/2 nights)

Graduation Levy

Year 6 - $50.00 (this covers costs associated with Year 6)


Payments can be made in cash, eftpos or Direct Bank Credit.

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